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Her name is Brenna and this is a blog that focuses not only on the where and the how of travel, but the who and the why. She writes mostly about what it feels like to be a traveller, and the lessons and self-reflection that come with that role. She hopes that this blog can be both inspirational and informative, meaning she would love to both inspire you to travel and to show that it can be a feasible, attainable dream.

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Um, did I just quit my job to travel?!
If you, like me, follow a lot of travel blogs and websites, I'm sure you've seen it: that image of the person standing somewhere beautiful, looking free and happy and contemplative; perhaps their arms are outstretched, or they're reaching up to hold on to their hat just so. I'm not criticising - I'm guilty of this pose, too
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Because In the end, I Choose travel
Things have been quiet on this blog and its social media lately. I've been busily packing up my entire life, meticulously wrapping all of my belongings in bubble wrap, placing them in boxes and suitcases. They're in storage somewhere in Bristol by now, awaiting my instruction.
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How I got started: My journey through 11 years of travelling and writing about it
It's one of the most frequently asked questions I get via email, comments, and messages across social media: how do I do what you do? And by what I do, I assume people mean the fact that a) I travel a lot and b) I make a living from it. And I get it. That lifestyle really does sound like a dream, and I can assure you that I do not take it for granted.
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