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This Is My Happiness is a travel and lifestyle blog focused on family-friendly travel in Northern California. It reflects her passion for local food/wine, culture, art, and family. She wants to help you have the best trip possible in Northern California! Her focus is on travel that looks beyond the regular to-do list and instead seeks out unique, out-of-the-way sights and experiences that build an understanding of a place and its people.

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30 things to do in Northern California
A lot of people visit this blog looking for ideas for Northern California because I write so much about my home region (find more in the California category or subscribe to my quarterly newsletter for much more about NorCal). But you should know that you can find many suggestions for specific regions in my other "30 things to do" posts:
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In the Marin Headlands, the perfect family day
There's something I can no longer say in front of my two children now: "San Francisco." They are so in love with the city that saying its name leads to annoying pleas to go! The younger one thinks he sees the Golden Gate when we drive around Sacramento. But I can't blame them for their fascination with San Francisco. It's also my favorite U.S. city and never ceases to fulfill my travel lust. I can say the same for its surroundings.
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What if your kids don't want to travel?
Please, Mommy, no more trips. I just want to stay home." As much as I hate to even think about it, this is the situation I face.what if your kids don't want to travel?
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First time camping tips
Here's my guide for beginning campers: first time camping tips including what to buy, what to pack and what to look for in a campground:
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