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As a kid growing up in Kolkata, he travelled a lot across India with his parents. But he got seriously addicted to travel only in 2011, on his first solo trip to Thailand. In that nine-day trip, he made some great friends, ate awesome food and experienced new places like he had never done before. On top of that, he managed to spend much less than his budget for the trip. Since then, he has travelled to several places both in India and abroad.

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You can travel indefinitely for USD200 a month
It's possible to travel the world for as little as USD200 a month. I'm not saying it. Alex says it and he has been doing it for more than a year now. Lampros Alexis from Greece is on a mission to travel around the world on his solar-powered bicycle, which can also be pedalled when it isn't powered enough.
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What makes a place memorable is its people
Today (August 15, 2017) is India's 70th Independence Day - a national holiday - and I am now in Bangalore, the IT city in South India's Karnataka state. I had been meaning to visit this city for a long time. Bangalore, per se, doesn't have destinations which tourists come from far and wide to visit. What it has is a large number of beautiful places around it and this is what attracts visitors.
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My best overnight train ride was in Thailand
We made our reservations beforehand and got into our Second class AC (air-conditioned) coach on a wet June evening. The problem with reserving seats on Thai trains is that their system is a little complicated and you can't just go on their site and book a ticket. You need to email them beforehand and then on the day of your journey, collect the physical ticket from the station for a fee. And apparently, there have been instances when the railways have been really late in replying to emails.
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Let no one tell you how to travel
You're out drinking with friends and discussing the wonderful time you had in Bali during your recent trip when one of them asks, "Did you go to Ubud?" "No," you say. "But I really liked my time at Sanur and Lovina." "What! Those are the boring parts of Bali," he laughs. "Didn't you party?" "I did. I was in Kuta for three nights. It was so much fun. I especially liked Skygarden," you say. That had been a great night.
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