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The Travel Experta. Is an expat mama raising 2 multi-cultural, trilingual, global citizens traveling and experiencing the world. She LOVES helping families, honeymooners and groups make memories of a lifetime. With you, she will customize and plan your trip from start to finish, unique to your personal interests and tastes. She is here to offer advice, tips, recommendations on where to eat, stay and play with your family and kids!

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Bring your best friend: dog friendly travel destinations
With the New Year upon us, travel is likely on your radar. While all the gifts we open during the holidays are wonderful, there is nothing like traveling to soothe the soul. For some of us, though, planning goes beyond lodging, car rental, and daily plans. Dog owners have the complicated and stressful task of finding sitters who are responsible and won't break the bank. That's why finding pet-friendly destinations can be the better way to go, especially if your dog (or-let's face it-you) experiences separation anxiety.
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8 places you need to visit if you love nature
Mother nature can rock so many different looks, it's so easy to get jealous of her beauty. Lucky for us, the earth is an accessible playground, as long as you have the funding. With funding put aside, where would you go to behold the natural wonders of the planet are lucky to have?
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Tips for traveling to Europe for the first time
Going to Europe is something that a lot of people have on their bucket list. It is something which opens your eyes to an entirely new way of life and can be a great way to spend your time off. Many people who go to Europe for the first time may not be sure what to expect. It's important to prepare yourself as much as possible so that you have the best possible experience.
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Mexico travel - 4 must-visit locations
Mexico is filled with must-visit locations. A perfect, affordable oasis, there is a lot to love in Mexico from Cancun to the Yucatan. The one fear for tourists is that they can't drink the water in Mexico.
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Travel advice - how to save money on your next trip
Most of the time traveling isn't cheap. That is if you want to do a ton of fun activities and to stay in nice hotels with at least a private bathroom. Of course, prices can vary a lot depending on the place you are going to and the amount of people that you are traveling with. But in any of those cases, you can definitely find a few tricks to save you a few dollars.
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