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Travel Inspired Living was never intended to be seen by outside eyes. Living in a 31-foot motorhome with her husband, three homeschooled teenage children, and a rescued pound puppy, the blog began as a hobby and outlet to keep her, Tonya Prater, sane. Her family survived 18-months as full-time RV’ers, her kids have grown up and mostly moved out, and the blog has shifted from a personal journal to a valuable resource for those seeking tips.

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15 must know tips to find beach glass like a pro
Are you looking for a free activity that you can do when traveling? Here are tips to find beach glass that can be incorporated on the Great Lakes or near the ocean. Beachcombing is a fun and free activity that you can enjoy solo, as a couple, or with your family. I have tons of seashells on display around my home that my family has found during visits to the beach. In many locations, seashells are plentiful.
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7 tips to help you plan family vacations on a budget
Travel is not an exclusive privilege for the wealthy. I'm convinced that anyone, at any income level can travel and travel well. That doesn't mean that travel looks the same for everyone. For example, years ago my friends were planning vacations to Europe because they got a great deal on flights, and my family was excited to tent camp at a campground a few counties away. That doesn't mean that our experience was any less fulfilling than their experience in Europe.
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Multi-generational road trip travel tips
This year has been full of travel, but one of those trips was especially memorable. I've mentioned before that my kids are now grown and the days of traveling together are becoming less and less frequent. My kids no longer want to travel to the same places my husband and I enjoy most. We enjoy different things. My kids want to jump out of airplanes and snowboard down mountains where my husband and I enjoy shopping at antique stores and flea markets and seeking out covered bridges
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5 ways to stretch your travel dollars
I've always loved to travel, but I don't like to spend money. I've even been known to agree a time or two when my husband has insisted we sleep in our vehicle in the parking lot of Walmart to save money- don't judge! It's not as bad as it sounds and it allows us to stretch our budget so we can travel more.
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9 easy tips that will save you money on your next hotel room
I have conservatively estimated that prior to the purchase of our motor home, we'd spent over 450 nights in a hotel room as a family in only a couple years. This, and that I worked at a hotel for over a year and a half, leads me to think that I can offer you a few words of wisdom when it comes to how to save money on hotel rooms; particularly how to get discounts, what to ask when booking a room and what chains to avoid like the plague.
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