travelers coffee kit – how to use

How To Use
Also see the 'how to use' videos on the About page.

Travelers Coffee Kit

Set-up for use
1. remove the kit from travel bag and seperate parts.
2. expand the plastic filter holder and insert plastic clips.
Note: plastic filter expands fully when hot water is poured on the coffee grounds.

Close-down for travel
1. collapse the plastic filter holder and slide into filter stand.
2. combine all parts as shown, then place the kit into travel bag.

Examples of ways to heat water
*Gas or electric stove, or microwave is easiest when available.

Immersion (portable, single cup) water heaters
Some need to have the metal fully submerged in liquid when heating, some not.
Portable-Immersion water heaters

Small electric water heater kettles
Find a kettle that can fit inside of the kit, or a kettle that the kit can fit inside of.
Water heater kettles

Mini Outdoor Alcohol Stoves
Where no electricity is available, these work great.
Mini outdoor stoves