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Get out from behind your desk. Take more risks. Experience the world first hand. Talk to strangers. Be comfortable, being uncomfortable. Learn to dance in the rain. Write your own story. Embrace fear & Stop making excuses. Always carry a toothbrush and extra pair of underwear. Avoid overthinking. Be driven by your passion. Be inspired by the food you eat, the people you meet and the miracles you see.

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How to travel the world for $346
No, seriously. I bought 14 flights for $346. Many people have asked me, "How can you afford to go on such a huge trip???" or "I wish I had the money to travel around the world." It may sound like a ridiculously expensive and foolish thing to do, but it doesn't have to be.
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How to tell your job you are leaving to travel
How much time do you give when you are quitting your job to travel the world? How will your company take the news? Will they be supportive and hold your job for you? Or will they tell you to clean out your desk?
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RTW budget basics
Fact: Last year we spent $25,000 on rent alone. In one year of traveling around the world we spent $33,500. One of the main questions we get is: "How can you afford to travel the world for an entire year?" We are still working on releasing (making pretty) our RTW budget from the full year of travel, but here are some of the basics that we have adopted that allowed us to travel the world for a full year.
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How to order food in a foreign language
I previously wrote about what to do when you are picking a restaurant and don't speak the language. I outlined rules such as looking for photos and where the locals are eating. While some of these apply, what happens if you are in a new city and are at a restaurant where there are no photos, no one speaks English and you have four options to pick from? I suggest you keep an open mind.
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