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Traveling Ted is a blog that takes readers along on his adventures hiking, canoeing, skiing, and international backpacking. Many blogs focus on one aspect of backpacking, but he tackles both the outdoor adventure side and international exploration as well. His goal is to inspire others to travel and provide tips for those who want to follow in his footsteps.

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Five great Ireland walking locations
Ireland is a walker's paradise with hiking trails crisscrossing the landscape along the coasts, through mountain valleys and alongside teeming rivers. With such a variety in landscape what more could you ask for? So don't take any more time than it requires to drop your bags at a comfortable budget accommodation like Travelodge Ireland Hotels and read on for five great Ireland walking locations.
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Bike Bandit for your motorcycle adventure
A great way to experience the outdoors in the United States is through a road trip. One way to amp up the intensity of the experience is to experience a motorcycle adventure. Even if you do not ride a motorcycle, there is something about the idea of a road trip on two wheels that resonates with many.
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Countdown of the top Paris attractions
ver the last 4 years I have traveled extensively throughout Europe. No matter how many places or cities that I visit, there is always something that keeps bringing me back to the French capital, Paris. For me, there is just something in the air of this city that really gets under my skin. Perhaps it is the style, the class or the romance, whatever it is, I will never get bored of wandering around this beautiful European city. I love checking out again and again, these four Paris tours.
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GoPro tips from the experts
Using a GoPro for both photos and videos is not rocket science. After all, it works pretty much like a point and shoot camera, so how difficult can it be? On top of that, the camera can make the right adjustments for each scene on the fly, without much input from the user, so it would seem a post on GoPro tips is not necessary. Yet, not everybody seems to be able to capture those amazing shots you see on GoPro's official YouTube channel.
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Iconic activities to do in Vegas
Few more places on earth are as storied and iconic as America's playground. People in the mood for adventure, fun, and a little risk will love the desert city of Las Vegas, NV. It's the town everyone should visit at least once in their life and almost everyone goes back three or four times more.
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