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Traveling with Sweeney (founded in 2010) has a strong focus on culture, lifestyle, the arts, food, historical landmarks, as well as under-the-radar attractions in North America and Europe. Founder Catherine Sweeney is a boomer woman traveler who approaches new destinations as well as familiar favorites with eager anticipation and youthful enthusiasm.

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Springtime in Venice: our favorite things
Spring is a great time to visit Venice, a magical city. I have to admit to a bit of jealousy as I've recently seen photos and read posts of friends who were visiting or living in Venice during Carnevale di Venezia (Carnival of Venice) during February 2017. Now that Carnevale has come to a close for the year, I've been reflecting upon the few days that Mr. TWS and I had to spend in this magical and romantic city last spring.
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History and festivities in Nuremberg, Germany
A cruise along the Danube River offers many opportunities to see beautiful scenery and sights, reflect on dramatic history, admire centuries of art and architecture treasures, and enjoy cultural festivities. During our Viking River "Romantic Danube" cruise, we took in these highlights in several cities along our route that began in Nuremberg, Germany.
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Photography workshop: on location in Northern Portugal
I am pleased to share with our readers this information about an upcoming photography workshop on location in northern Portugal. It is produced by Barbara Nelson, an accomplished photographer and journalist who has traveled the world to capture the essence of the places she visits with inspiring photographs of natural beauty, urban landscapes, street scenes, iconic landmarks, unexpected events, and ordinary people going about their daily lives. I had the pleasure of meeting Barbara a few years ago when our paths crossed in Italy as she led a workshop through Emilia-Romagna.
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Shame-less Matera, Italy: a cultural rebirth
Matera: From the "shame of Italy" to European Capital of Culture 2019. Once called "the shame of Italy", Matera continues its rebirth attracting worldwide attention for its history, culture, and extraordinary architecture and terrain. We spent several hours there on a recent trip to Southern Italy. Take a walk with us through Matera, European Capital of Culture 2019.
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A taste of the Rhône Valley in Arizona
Our Introduction to Arizona Wines at LDV Winery. Mr. TWS and I aren't wine snobs. But we enjoy good wine, and we have been surprised a number of times finding it in unexpected places. Learning about new wine regions and sampling their varietals is something that we really enjoy when traveling. Recently, we had just such a surprise on a visit to our first Arizona winery tasting room, trying wines produced right here in our new home state of Arizona. That's right - Arizona.
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