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Welcome to This SoCal’ed Life. She is a twenty-something year-old creative who’s never seen life from a cubicle – and never plans to! She is guessing they never mentioned that path at Career Day, huh? Yeah… not to her either. She started out travel blogging on her site Travels in Translation back in 2012 when living in Hong Kong and she has been featured all over from National Geographic to Buzzfeed.

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A lesson in Japanese culture: it's not a souvenir, it's an omiyage!
People have been responding really well to a lot of my articles on Japanese culture. Since Japan is a country that fascinates many people, myself included, and my degree is in Japanese culture, I've decided to write a series of posts delving a bit deeper into the culture than what most people would see when merely traveling through the country.
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10 things that (no one ever told you) can kill you in Costa Rica
Our decision to go to Costa Rica was on a whim, and apart from buying durable hiking shoes, we were not prepared. As we arrived we heard many of the locals allude to the dangers of Costa Rica, I mean, it is mainly rainforest after all, but yet, no one actually ever specified what we should be wary of.
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The best things to do in Long Beach
For years I had dreamed of moving to SoCal, living it up in sunny Long Beach or Torrance. Alright, I'll admit it, I still kind of dream of moving there. I hadn't even been to California, let alone the West Coast, but I knew that region was warm, on the ocean, and filled with Asian culture. That was enough for me.
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