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Her name is Sally. She is a writer, teacher, performer, photographer, traveler, eater of many things and wearer of many hats (not just tinfoil hats with weather vanes on top). She is also a big huge scaredy cat. But that hasn’t really stopped her from doing a lot of things she is scared of. She used to live in Asia, where she would regularly conquer her fears of spiders, open water and people spitting in public.

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The solo travel girl's guide to dealing with unwanted attention in Asia
A couple months ago, I got an email from a young woman who was planning on moving to China to teach English. After reading several blog posts and articles by other female travelers about the treatment of Western women in this part of the world, she was concerned. She'd read stories of women being harassed or groped or propositioned like hookers, and she was, quite logically, worried that the same thing would happen to her.
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The unbrave girl's guide to traveling solo in Japan
In the past two and a half years of my living in Japan as an English teacher, I've taken countless solo trips to other Asian countries. I've temple-hopped through Thailand, jungle trekked in Nepal, spa-ed and binged on Bintang beer in Bali, shopped until I dropped in Hong Kong and eaten until I popped in Seoul.
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Chiang Mai on the cheap: the unbrave girl's guide to (reluctant) budget living
Last week, I left the lovely city of Chiang Mai, Thailand after living there for a grand total of three and a half months. As this is the longest time I had stayed in any one place for the past year, you'd think I would have managed to do and see a lot of things while I was there. You'd really think that, wouldn't you?
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5 tips to trim down for Trump
Hello out there to my fellow plus-sized lady-peeps! I know last week you were probably pretty sad about this whole election thing. But it's time to wipe away those tears because we've got work to do! Don't worry! I'm not talking about dismantling the patriarchy! That sounds super hard! I mean, if us curvies can't even get our chocolate cravings under control how can we be expected to tamp down thousands of years of sexism? LOLZ, AMIRITE?
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