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Dan & Audrey have been described as adventurers, professionals, and – most recently – as full-time travelers and storytellers. Their passions: creativity, personal development, technology, public diplomacy, travel and street food. And yes, they do believe there is a common thread woven between them all. In 2001 they left San Francisco with six suitcases and a one-way ticket to Prague, Czech Republic and no jobs.

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How to pack for a trek: the ultimate trekking packing list
How should I pack for a trek? What should I pack for a multi-day hike? What is too much? And what is too little? How am I going to carry it all? Which gear and trekking supplies should I buy in advance and which can I buy on the ground?
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10 ways travel helps you let go
Travel. It places us in situations we couldn't otherwise imagine. It often spurs us to do things we thought we couldn't do. It provides perspective on our lives and our place in the world. Amidst all this, travel also offers freedom. Among those freedoms, the greatest freedom of all: the freedom to let go.
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How to travel the world together without killing each other
Traveling with your partner is terrifically satisfying. Shared experiences are fulfilling; your relationship can find itself strengthening in new ways.However, stress and challenges are a reality in all relationships, and especially so when traveling full time.
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The 7 habits of highly effective travelers
When people hear that we've been traveling around the world, they often imagine the two of us relaxing on a beach, drinking mai tais and reclining under flaming tiki torches. Sure. In reality, it's no wonder that the word "travel" is derived from the French word travail meaning "to work hard, to toil."
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