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They travel the world directly investigating the local effects of world events, shifts in culture, disappearing traditions, social upheavals big and small, strange shit, as well as the more mundane intricacies that hold it all together. Their authors have free reign to say what they feel, they don’t triage opinions, or have an ironclad angle.

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The benefit of solo travel
Travel is a completely different experience if you do it alone or if you do it with other people. I don't mean different in terms of what you do, but different in terms of how you do it.
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The job of the traveler
The job of the traveler is to go out into the world, observe and learn about what's happening, and then report back to everyone at home. We now call them historians, but in their day they were travelers who wrote. They provide the documentation of what happened. Again needed. The narratives of our world are not being told by people who go there. They are being told by people in cubicles staring into laptops on the other side of the world.
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Cat cafes in Asia
Yes, they're real. Cat cafes: places where you go to drink coffee and play with cats. They are popping up with incredible frequency all over Asia. They're interesting only because they kind of show the changing value systems that come with a rising middle class in Asia. Pets are now a sign of status, an indication of internationalization, of white collar sophistication. They are no longer food
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The world wide web has been broken and it won't be fixed
I am feeling nostalgic - a feeling that I've always reserved for old folks who have already done it rather than those still young enough to be in the process of doing it. I like what I do - I couldn't ask for anything more or for anything to be much different. But there is one stretch of this road that I find myself longing to return to: those first few years of blogging.
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