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Having barely driven more than a five hour radius from her home she was completely shocked by how different the West was. Mountains with treeless tops shot up from the ground. There was this thing called ‘altitude.’ With a body full of goose bumps she learned what would be warm enough clothes for Hornell, NY in June was not warm enough for Jackson Hole, WY in June.

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Reasons why traveling alone is good for you
Traveling alone is becoming more and more common these days and for good reason. Traveling alone is a great way to develop and build upon valuable life skills, and to learn more about yourself, your qualities, and tolerances as a person.
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How much our 2 month USA road trip cost
Over the fall of 2017 we went on a two month long USA road trip. We covered over 10,000 miles and went through three oil changes in our car. As travelers, we get asked all the time if we like traveling in our own country and YES! We definitely do.
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Adventure to the Amazing Death Valley National Park
Want to go on an adventure to the hottest, driest and lowest national park in the USA? See this open road ahead? Grab your bags, ok, or maybe get ready to scroll your mouse.we're going to Death Valley National Park.
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Look at the every day beautiful Poon Hill Nepal
Hiking around in the Himalaya Mountains of Nepal was a dreamy wonder. Last week we talked in depth about hiking to Poon Hill, Nepal. That post was full of how to info if you think you may ever want to go there yourself. If you think you may not make it there yourself or want to get a bit more of a behind the scenes look, this weeks post is a selection of images showing what it was like to hiking around Poon Hill in Nepal.
Written by Vagabond Way - see the post
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