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Need help with travel planning? Who’s got the best price? What about schedule? Do I need travel insurance? What about when I get there – how do I know which tour to go on, the best place to stay, where to visit if I’m short on time or I’ve already been there many times? Need help with travel planning? Travel with them and they will help you find hidden insights into ancient cultures, archaeology, geography and conservation.

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How to go from city slicker to cow girl
During my first horsemanship fundamentals course, I did not forget to breathe. That happened the following day when I took the same beginning class again. At Tanque Verde Dude Ranch in Tucson, Arizona, I was willing to get back on a horse. I had been terrified as a child when an adult took me riding and cantered on the horse. I had been promised we would only walk. I remember grabbing at her and screaming to get off but she just laughed and kept going. I did not ride again for decades.
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What important lesson will you learn from traveling?
When Lisa Niver was working as a teacher, she couldn't shake the desire to have more adventures. She wanted to scuba dive. She wanted to move. She wanted to see the world. Energized with hope and hunger, she moved to Club Med Copper Mountain, Colorado to work and ski. Then to the Bahamas to snorkel. Then on a cruise line for seven years, sailing all over the world - and getting paid for it. Then it was Asia, and the list continues.
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How do you stay fit on the road?
If you fear to step on the scales after returning from your vacation, don't! Erin Bender of Explore With Erin has gathered some of the fittest travel bloggers in the world to help you stay fit while you travel. And not in the usual "watch what you eat" way either. These methods are anything but boring.
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Unique eats and eateries of San Francisco
More than just a travel guide, Unique Eats and Eateries of San Francisco is about all of these things: good food, making memories, and the curious and sometimes funny back stories and histories that simmer behind some of San Francisco's iconic dishes, historic restaurants, artisanal shops, and other dining destitations.
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