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About Amber & The Husband. She is a recovering tax attorney from the largest law firm in the world and trying to eat her way around the globe. As a professional eater, she travels throughout the world in search of great eats, amazing wines, and unique experiences, all while traveling With Husband In Tow. She encourages others to do the same, exploring the world through food and wine travel.

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How to survive your first American road trip
When we came up with the crazy notion of driving across the Southeast on a culinary road trip, the first thing we started concerning ourselves with were destinations. What cities did we want to explore for the best food. Then it dawned on me. We've never taken a road trip like this before, so how well prepared were we to take our first American road trip?
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Where to stay on an American road trip
Growing up and studying American history, I always associated a road trip with road side motels. A clean and welcoming Howard Johnson, or a motel in the shape of a teepee. It seems when traveling across the American Southeast, teepee motels are few and far between. But, there were a lot of other options of where to stay on an American road trip. We seemed to hit them all.
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How to take the Tabasco factory tour
After a week in New Orleans, we took the long way to Lafayette so that we could make one very important, and very tasty stop along the way. It's no secret we like it hot, so a stop for the Tabasco Factory Tour seemed like a perfect stop while in Louisiana.
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Southeast Asia food travel guide
You Know You're in Southeast Asia When.well, there is just something about the region. It's no secret we love Southeast Asia, and when we first stepped foot back in the area in early 2013, we knew we were in the right spot. Yeah, it's a cheap place to live and to travel, but more than anything, for us, it's all about the Southeast Asia food!
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