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She will provide you with long, detailed articles that won’t just teach you how to plan a trip, but will also contain ready-to-use itineraries that you can follow from the moment you take off until you fly back home. While she did quit her job beginning of 2015 to run this blog, She still shares an apartment with boyfriend in her home country Belgium. She travels the way you can travel too.

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28 music festivals in Belgium in 2017. you don't want to miss these!
Belgium is the land of music festivals. From spring until late summer you can attend a music festival every weekend and even more than one in July and August. Especially Flanders is a bit festival crazy, with even the smallest towns organizing their own festival.
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15 typical Belgian dishes (+ where to eat this food in Brussels)
In Belgium, food is a big deal and yet the country is only just starting to be recognised as a gastronomic destination. Typical Belgian cuisine isn't that known abroad and beyond the classic "snacks", such as Belgian chocolate, beer, and waffles, most people couldn't name a traditional Belgian dish, let alone know where to eat it.
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17 cool things to do in Rotterdam in a weekend
Rotterdam in the Netherlands was named one of the places to travel to in 2016 by Lonely Planet and having spent a weekend there, I can see why. This is a city unlike any other European city I've ever visited.
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One fun week in Los Angeles. a complete day-by-day itinerary
If you're wondering what to do in Los Angeles for a week, I can help. I traveled to this US destination twice (well, three times if you count that one dinner during a road trip) and have gathered my experiences into a one-week itinerary including places to go, things to see and where to stay.
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