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She started this blog around seven years ago in 2010 when she was getting ready to move to Spain to teach English and procrastinate on life. She is sure you can relate. she thought her path would take her to graduate school to become a medieval history professor (raises eyebrows). she instead she turned out to be a professional nomad. Follow her misadventures as she wanders, eats, and photographs her way around the world.

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12 of the most charming spots in Ireland
This summer I took my parents to Ireland on their dream trip, and little did I know that it would quickly turn into my dream trip too. What a delightful surprise! It didn't take long for the charming towns, cute houses, quaint countrysides and beautiful landscapes to win me over. I mean, Ireland had everything I didn't know I wanted!
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8 tips for becoming a professional travel blogger
Five years of crazy adventures, heaps of countries, learning new stuff, discovering things about myself, of ups and downs, highs and lows, successes and failures, it goes on and on. Though thankfully, I haven't failed catastrophically at this whole blogging for a job thing.
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Looking back at 2017: my favorite moments, screw ups and adventures
I'll preface this entire blog post by saying I did way too much this year. I wrapped 2017 with my head spinning and barely aware of the tornado of the past 12 months. And I've only sort of realized it now as I begin to look back and reflect. Another year, another burnout. But more on that later. You guys totally don't want to read about how messed up my life is right? Oh wait, you probably do.
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All the mean, nasty and godawful hateful things people say to me online
Guys, why do people troll on the internet? Why are blogger hate comments a thing? Let this be the philosophical question of the day. Please, god, why? WHY? WHY?
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