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We have been living in Chiang Mai Thailand most of the years since 2010
Talking With Travelers In Thailand

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All of the Thai workers that produced the Travelers Coffee-Camping Kit for us were paid double the Thailand minimum wage. And all of the profits from the Travelers Coffee Kit go to children’s charities.

About the creator of the Travelers Coffee-Camping Kit

From the late 1970’s to the mid 1980’s Thomas Cosley worked in his fathers small company, where they primarily manufactured screen printed plastic in-store advertising products. In the late 1980’s he worked in the plastic fabrication department at a company that manufactured plastic in-store display products. In the early 1990’s he worked in the metal fabrication department at Wells Manufacturing, who at that time was the largest manufacturer in the USA of coffee makers for the food service, and restaurant industry. Of course he also had many other jobs in his lifetime, from cooking pizza to being a construction worker to graphic design work, but his experience with plastics and metal fabrication made it possible for him to cost effectively create this quality product.

Then in 1993 he became interested in the internet and database development. And in the following years received an associate level certification in Oracle SQL database development and a associate level certification in Object Oriented Software Programming from Sun Microsystems. He then worked primarily on software user interfaces and applications for manufacturing.