Travelers Coffee Kit ~ (for coffee)

See our "Set up the Travelers Coffee Kit" and "Making pour over coffee" instructional videos on our home page.

Other useful information about the Travelers Coffee Kit

Examples of using larger coffee mugs
(mugs not included :-))
Travelers Coffee Kit - larger coffee mugs

You can pack around 150 grams of ground coffee in a plastic bag, into one of the cups. This might be especially helpful for backpackers or travelers with limited space, that just need enough coffee for a short journey.

Examples of ways to heat water
*Gas or electric stove, or microwave is easiest when available.

Immersion (portable, single cup) water heaters
Can be purchased from Amazon, Ebay, Wallmart, etc.
Portable-Immersion water heaters

Small electric water heater kettles
Find a kettle that can fit inside of the kit, or a kettle that the kit can fit inside of.
Water heater kettles

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